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Download Communication Plan and Communication Strategy Templates

Fail to plan, plan to fail, or so the old maxim goes. Here you can download a comprehensive external and internal communication plan and strategy template pack that will help you to produce a highly professional and comprehensive communication strategy or internal and external communication plan.

Download your Communication Plan and Strategy Template Pack

The template pack covers all areas of internal and external communications, including staff and workforce communications, stakeholder communications and media relations. The 30-page pack of templates also includes a Communication Matrix, Communication Schedule, Communication Plan Checklist, Feedback Form, Meeting Schedule and Responsibility Matrix.

Using this professional template pack for your external and internal communication strategy and plan will organise and transform your organization's communications and impress your firm's board and senior directors.

To dowload your communications plan and strategy template pack click here. The page lists the templates alphabetically, and you'll find the Communication Plan Template Pack about a third of the way down the page. Pricing is just USD$7.99 or GBP£5.51 to download and it's ready to use straight away. There's no license, once you've bought the Communication Plan Template Pack, you can use it as many times as you want.

Communication Plan and Strategy Template Pack Screen Shots

download your communcations plan and strategy template pack download your communcations plan and strategy template pack
download your communcations plan and strategy template pack download your communcations plan and strategy template pack
download your communcations plan and strategy template pack

Download your Communication Plan and Strategy Template Pack for just $7.99 or £5.51.

Communication Plan Template Contents and Structure

The communication plan we offer for download includes the following structure and contents:

1 Introduction
1.1 Purpose
1.2 Objectives
1.3 Scope
1.4 Document Maintenance

2 Roles and Responsibilities
2.1 Project Structure
2.2 Project Office
2.3 Steering Committee
2.4 Project Sponsor
2.5 Project Director
2.6 Project Manager
2.7 Project Team
2.8 Contractor/Vendor Project Team
2.9 External Stakeholders
2.10 Stakeholder Roles & Responsibilities
2.11 Stakeholder Contact Information
2.12 Stakeholder Information Requirements

3 Internal Communications
3.1 Informal Communications
3.2 Formal Communications
3.2.1 Status Meetings
3.2.2 Status Reports
3.2.3 Letters, Circulars and Memorandums

4 External Communications

5 Other Communications

5.1 News and Print Media
5.3 Dispute Resolution Process
5.4 Escalation Process
5.5 Problem/Defect Tracking Process

6 Project Meetings
6.1 Meeting Plan
6.2 Daily / Weekly Meetings
6.3 Team Leads Meeting
6.4 Individual Team Meeting
6.5 Project Office Meeting
6.6 Leadership Committee Meeting
6.7 Steering Committee Meeting
6.8 Monthly Extended Team Status Meeting
6.9 Executive Update Meeting
6.10 All Hands Meeting
6.11 Orientation Meeting
6.12 Communication Plan Web Page
6.13 Feedback

7 Information Collection, Reporting, and Distribution
7.1 Collection and Reporting
7.2 Distribution, Storage, and Disposition
7.3 Distribution Groups
7.4 E-mail Policy
7.5 Format and Styles Guide
7.6 Effectiveness
7.7 Changes

8 Communications Matrix

Download your Communication Plan and Strategy Template Pack for just $7.99 or £5.51.

Help With Writing a Communication Plan

A well-written communication plan should demonstrate how communication can lay the foundations for a successful organization.

This contents and structure above should help to guide your planning. Whether you use a plan template, or write and format your own plan, you'll need to cover all elements of communication, from media relations and PR to internal communication and stakeholder engagement. Here's a brief guide to help you cover the essentials in your communication plan.

Part 1: Communication Strategy

Start the plan with an overarching communications strategy that reflects the organization's business objectives, mission statement. The plan should incorporate the organization's mission statement and vision, and also dovetail with the marketing plan.

Part 2: Key Audiences

Identify the organization's key audiences. This varies, depending on the type of audience, but usually includes staff, partners, suppliers, customers, service users, potential customers and stakeholders.

Part 3: Channels

After defining the audience for your communication activity, the next part of the communication plan should list the communication channels you'll need to use to reach your target audiences. Channels will vary, but might include mainstream media, regional media, trade or professional media, social networks, online media, internal communication, staff intranets, newsletters and one-to-one meetings with stakeholders, regulators and partners.

Part 4: SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis

List the potential problems, blockers and negative issues that the communication and PR activity will need to overcome. Identify the potential for positive stories and how you can use these stories to get over the organization's key messages.

Part 5: Tactics

Devote plenty of detail to the tactics section, which should include all the specific communication, media relations and public relations activity that you intend to use to influence the audiences identified earlier in the plan. Include brief details of each activity and an overarching time line.

Part 6: Budget

Use the detail in the tactics section to estimate a budget for each communication activity and an overall budget for all communication outlined in the plan. Remember to include ongoing costs, such as staff costs and disbursements.

Part 7: Evaluation

The chief executive, senior directors or board of directors will want to measure the success of the plan, so tell them how you intend to measure your success. Set achievable targets that you can measure realistically; for example, one objective might be to increase online sales by 10 per cent by using social media channels more effectively.

Download your Communication Plan and Strategy Template Pack for just $7.99 or £5.51.